Creative Mondays: Compasssion



Compassion is such an underestimated word. We fail to come to grasps with the gravitational effects a simple word we say, or emotion we emit, can have on someone. We have no shame in calling someone fat, stupid, ugly, or a loser, while we think twice – at least – before we utter a complement.

We are so haste to give our “honest opinion” about a person, that we forget that everyone around us is fighting a tough battle of their own. It’s not until we face the same predicament that we realize how wrong our actions were.

We make and break promises to ourselves not to be rude to people around us anymore. A good way to commit to these promises is by urging ourselves to be nice to balance things out: for every time you hurt someone’s feelings, apologize, and, then, do something nice to someone else.


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The worst and best of friends

What do you think of bad friends? Good friends? And just those crazy friends? Well, I think that  all friends are good friends but, I mean not the bad ones. Because, someone who hurts your feelings is not a true friend. It all depends on how they act around you, that’s the true way  to tell if your friends or friend is true like you assumed. Just try and stay on their good side and It will be alright.


Margaret Evanow, M.S., L.P.C.

My approach is to utilize both traditional and non-traditional counseling methods, focusing on helping you to enhance your life path through healing, learning, and mindful self-compassion. Whether you have come to therapy to address depression or anxiety, or are dealing with a significant life trauma (victim of a crime/abuse, life crisis, or the loss of someone), I believe that you can come to a place of greater calm, life satisfaction, and well-being. I am willing to walk through the inner pain and life turmoil to help get you to that peaceful place.

I specialize in helping clients that:

  • Suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.
  • Have experienced a significant trauma and are having difficulty coping.
  • Feel lost or afloat in life and are seeking a direction.
  • Need a safe place to explore.
  • Are struggling with a relationship or relationships in their life.
  • Are facing stress and the effects…

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Falling is Just Another Way to Fly

Empower Yourself


One of the humors of life is when life drops you after you have learned to fly. As humorous as how I can describe it, the experience is definitely not amusing because you will only get to laugh about its hilarity right when you see the blinding light at the end of that dark tunnel of adversity.

I learned of this when I first got into what I thought to be the peak of my career. I was then celebrating a successful telemarketing business surrounded by a gregarious environment, enjoying a flourishing real estate career meeting new people everyday thereby widening my network, and inspiring young minds of 9th graders in the academe. It was stressful but utterly fulfilling.

But one day, that colorful and gleeful day I am so accustomed with slowly loses its color and every pigment of joy faded into a grey soulful journey of…

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